You may notice one thing when you’re browsing through design sites, application sites or review sites.

Facebook applications are missing. I’m not talking about Facebook applications like “Horoscopes”, I’m talking about real applications that brands are using to drive users to engage and participate. We’re always “liking” fan pages and (maybe we don’t admit it) playing around with fun applications that are there- so why don’t we talk about them?

Aside from Facebook applications, APPsplosive will also be showcasing iPhone applications (and possibly Android- depends on reader’s demands) that have utility and function and apps that have an interesting off-beat nature to them.

Not that we don’t support the idea of mobile device gaming, but we’d like to help readers unearth interesting and creative applications that may otherwise not go mainstream, or get lost in massive app directories.

We hope to bring some attention to brands that are moving into the Facebook app space as well as certain mobile phone apps that are… well… awesome.

As always, we’re open to any comments, suggestions, requests or submissions. Please see our contact page for more information on how to reach us.