Brand: Burton Snowboards

Burton has a soft spot in my heart because I’m a snowboarder. Or at least, a wanna-be who is hitting the snow each year and learning :)

If you check out the Burton Snowboards Facebook fan page (and make sure you find the right one, one is in German, the other has weird characters in the title) you’ll be able to see a tab called, “Web Presents.”

If you go ahead and verify permissions, you’ll be taken to a nicely designed landing page that prompts you to enter and join the festivities:

Once all verified and in, you’ll be taken to a page that displays not only their ongoing contests, but as you scroll down, their past contests as well. They hold A LOT of contests, so if you’re a snowboarder at heart, you may want to keep your eyes on this app.

From here, you can either go back to the Burton wall or go to the live webcam (where you can stare at Santa’s feet and a fireplace) which takes you to the external Burton page.

Here, you can look through the gift guide (divided by price in a matching design to the Web Presents app) or give a gift card.

While this isn’t completely housed in Facebook, they made good use of a landing page to help direct you to their main page- and the design is nice to look at as well. It really gets you into the “toasty by the fire, give me some hot chocolate” Christmas-y spirit.

Direct Application Link: Burton Web Presents