Brand: Coca-Cola

Weapon of Choice: Facebook Application

It’s that time of year again- holidays are bringing in the cheer and Coca-Cola is sending your wishes to Santa via their Christmas titled Facebook app.

The application may seem difficult to find when you first land on the Coca-Colas Christmas Snow Globe Facebook page. The best way is to hit the “Go To Application” button on the bottom of this fan page, or go directly to the Coca-Cola. Once there, click the “>>” button and you can find the app.

The application is designed in Flash and allows for Facebook users to post a status message to their wall- so once you allow the Facebook permissions and use the application, it allows users to write a custom wish that they would like to submit into a snow globe for Santa’s table. It contains a message that is shared on the Coca-Cola Christmas website and with a users Facebook friends.

Coca Cola Christmas application on Facebook

It's beginning to look like a Coca Cola Christmas!

After a user writes their wish and adds their date of birth they are asked to chose one of five snow globe scenes. The scenes include a snowy cabin, a snow covered cityscape, a living room with a tree and fireplace. Once you pick out what kind of cozy holiday-esque thing you want to appear in, it pulls in your faces on little bodies, and has you dancing around like little jolly elves.

It’s pretty great, and definnitely gets you in the Christmas spirit. I mean, I really dislike snowglobes and I couldn’t help but go… “AWWWWWWWW! I’m in a snowglobe! DANCING!”

If you wanna spread the holiday cheer, break this open at your family Christmas party. Your parents are likely to have never seen anything like it.

Note: I did notice that they haven’t gotten a custom URL yet. I know that they’re only having this page around for the holidays, but I think it’s important that they have a short URL for those who want to share it. They have enough fans to do this. Hear that Coca-Cola?!

They do have a direct link to their actual app that takes you straight to the permissions page: Coca-Cola Snow Globe!