Brand: Ghostly

Weapon of choice: iPhone and web app

I found Ghostly a while ago when I was at work looking for wallpaper. I came across a few that I downloaded… and then was promptly emailed some free tracks to listen to. I downloaded the tracks and I was pretty hooked.

I started exploring the site more, checking back every now and then, and a couple of days ago I got an email from the Ghostly store. Enamored by their Pacman ghost-y logo, I started looking through what they had. I then saw Ghostly Discovery.

Ghostly Discovery (which also has a web app version to try before you download the free iPhone app) let’s you pick the mood you’re in (feeling aggressive and want tot throw someone out a window? Feeling introspective and thinking a lot?) whether you want it more digital sounding or organic, and the speed of the tempo.

You then hit “Discover” and it starts pulling in music from artists that match your mood for a streaming music app.

The little Ghostly logo on the iPhone app glows brighter and fainter as the music plays (completely entranced be once I realized what it was doing) and all in all, I think it’s a gold mine of a find and the music that streams is pretty effing amazing.

Visit the Ghostly homepage.

Download Ghostly Discovery.