Brand: Hooters

Oh Hooters. So delightfully tacky, yet unrefined. Hooters has tended to put out these seasonal apps where you can pick your favorite girl and vote on them. I remember seeing it for Halloween, and also for a Hooters Swimsuit Pageant. The apps for these contests are also so well put together and well- designed, that I wanted to feature them on here.

When you land on the Hooter’s Facebook fan page, you’ll notice that there’s a tab that changes seasonally- this time it’s Snow Angels. Now… word of caution. Before you like Hooters and then check out this tab, hide yo’ wife. Seriously. You may get a beating if she walks in on you. “But honey! I’m checking out the design of the application! I SWEAR.”

You can also tell her you’re just trying to win free wings for a year, thought I highly doubt she’ll believe you.

Once you enter, you’ll be taken to a page with a gallery displaying all the girls:

Then, once you click one of the girls, you’ll be taken to their individual page with a full size pictures. There’s arrows to slide through the other girls as well.

Then, you can vote and share it with your friends. Pretty straight forward, and they do a new theme each time they have one up.

Direct Application Link: Hooter’s Snow Angels