Brand: JCPenney

JCPenney has decided to jump on the Facebook application bandwagon- but instead of putting out an intricate app, they’ve simply taken the experience that people want from JCPenney, and translated that onto their Facebook fan page.

I struggled with deciding whether or not I wanted to feature this, mainly because of its simplicity. The ability to share what you’re looking at is what made my decision for me.

If you check out the JCPenney Facebook fan page, you’ll notice that there’s a new tab on there called, “Shop.”

Click it, and get taken to a nice JCPenney branded landing page:

From there, click “get started” to enter into the shopping experience. Once you enter, you’ll find that everything is pretty much listed and displayed as if you were on an external JCPenney site- complete with the branding.

I ended up looking through the women’s sweater department. Once you narrow down your search, you’re presented with whatever clothing fits into your selection.

THEN! You can post it on your wall and ::hint hint:: to those who have no idea what to get you. Like I said, this isn’t the typical type of application I would like to feature on here, but I think JCPenney did a good job of incoroprating a life-activity and tying in a social aspect to it. I hope others follow suite.

Direct Application Link: JCPenney Shop