Brand: MTV

The MTV one was actually really fun to do- I’m a big fan of apps where you can stick your face in someone’s body and look pretty ridiculous.

When you first check out the MTV Facebook fan page, click on the “MTV Me!” tab to get started. When you opt in, you’ll see this:

Then, click “click to get started” and you’ll be taken to a page where you ACTUALLY start the app :)

Once you get here, you’ll be able to pick your background. They have quite a few interesting ones- I chose the zebra. :)

You can choose to be anyone- the fabulous (cough) Snookie, Rob Dyrdek (Who DOESN’T want to be him? Especially owning the Fantasy Factory.) any tons of others. I chose Daria- a homage to the show since it was on while I grew up.

AND, YOU’RE DONE! Voila. I didn’t choose to use a picture of mine (after all, then I can’t keep my identity secret, can I? bwahahaha.) so let’s pretend I did. You’d see my face stuck in Daria’s below.

Direct Application Link: MTV Me!