Brand: Pepsi

The Pepsi Refresh project has been something that’s been going on for quite some time now.

Every month, Pepsi will donate $1.3 million each month towards the project that gets the most votes. There’s a lot of great ideas on here that can change us culturally, environmentally, etc. I actually had a blast looking through all the projects available when scouting out this application to feature.

When you first land on the Pepsi Refresh Voting App Facebook page, hit “go to application” and through the permissions. You’ll then be taken to an area asking you the biting question, “What do you care about?”

I went through and told is, “Music”  because when I’m not so lazy, I’ll have an idea that I can submit in hopes of having Pepsi support it. So once I go through and enter “Music” I’m brought to the following:

I ended up picking one idea (and I was under pressure, since there were so many great ideas) and voted for it. Immediately after voting, I was shown:

Just in case I wasn’t sure I wanted to vote for it… it threw a confirm button in there. After confirming that I am, indeed, worried about “At Risk Youth” and the ability for them to use Music and Poetry as an alternative to the streets, it asked me to share:

So I happily did. And that, friends, is the Pepsi Refresh Project Facebook application. I suggest you go browse through there and vote for something close to your hearts. Better yet, submit a great idea you have. You never know whose heartstrings it may tug on.

Direct Application Link: Pepsi Refresh Project