Brand: Dentyne

First off- sorry for the hiatus. The new year has brought lots of new opportunities (and also, less time) so our little growing Appsplosive site got put on the backburner until life was situated. But! We’re baaaaaack :)

Okay, okay. I admit it. This app isn’t THAT amazing, but I had to include it after seeing their new advertising on TV. The “practice safe breath” campaign that they’re doing is pretty awesome, and thus, I’ve decided to put up their “Safe Breath Pop N’ Play” app on the Dentyne Facebook page.

When you first get onto the page, click the “Safe Breath” tab and you’re taken to a really nice landing page:

Once to decide you wanna play, you’re taken to a screen where you can either login, or signup. Most likely, you’re going to have to sign up- since you can only play once anyway, it’s  unlikely you’ll be returning.

Warning: this requires your address and phone number in case you win. If you aren’t comfortable supplying those then don’t proceed. After you signup and login, you get to pick one of the flavors you’d like to use. I picked melon. :)

THEEEEEEEN, once you pick your flavor, you get to pick one of the little pieces of gum in the packets, and hope that baby is a winner:

WHICH I wasn’t. Booo. Anyway, I tried to capture the loser screen, but it went by too fast and I can’t play again. Anyway, have fun and make sure you pick carefully. Also, make sure you’re practicing safe breath, kids.

Direct Application Link: Safe Breath