This alternate reality image sharing app that gives you the ability to share and enhance your images. There’s lots of filtering and editing options to give your images a “rustic” feel.

Users can post pictures and “like” and comment on other users photos.

The social integration allows for users to send a tweet, add to your Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and even post on Facebook. You can use OAuth to login to your favorite services to connect and also look for friends using Instagram.

Users can enjoy building a fanbase to share interesting photos and build a feed of favorite users postings. I have to confess posting pictures of friends and fellow “Instagrammers” in humorous situations can get fun quickly.

This app is pretty addicting- especially if you’re someone who likes to capture moments and share them with your networks. You’ll find yourself with a library full of filter effected photos and an addiction to posting your latest glamour shots from the windows of your favorite coffee shop.