Site: This or That

App: Tournament Style App

This or That

I wouldn’t necessarily call this an “app” but for lack of a better words,This or That recently concluded a #2010 Song of the Year tournament featuring a pretty spiffy little tournament interface.

This or That (in case you aren’t familiar with them) is a fun user submission site, where users can go and submit something called a “ToT” (This or That) and other users can vote to see which one wins- filled with ToTs about everything you can possibly imagine.

They tournament that they had recently had a pretty unique interface. I was chatting with them on Twitter recently due to my interest in featuring this tournament. I know it’s not really a “Facebook App” or “Mobile App” but I feel this deserves recognition in its own right, since it could possibly pioneer a new path for those looking to host tournaments that need to allow for multiple rounds, winner and losers.

Users started off by clicking on the “ToTs” for each round- once you voted for one artist, there was a button to head to the next set and vote again.

Conveniently (and my most favorite feature during this tournament) was the ability to check out the videos for each artist right under the voting boxes, and also share my vote with Twitter and Facebook.

The tournament is now over, but that shouldn’t discourage you from checking out This or That’s other awesome site features. The ToTs are always featuring up to date items to compare that are being talked about right now, and the This or That blog houses post that are fun, trendy and newsworthy – which can also be user submitted.

Seen any fun ToTs on there lately?